If we talk about the most used ETF investment company in Germany, it is none other than Degiro. The online brokerage service provider is based out of the Netherlands and first started its service there. Today the services have expanded over to 18 countries across Europe.

In our opinion, it is the best broker because it offers stock transactions at record costs and a DEGIRO has commission-free ETFs (conditions apply) One of the prime differences in what Degiro offers is the competitive commission structure. Degiro is available in both ETF and App, which helps users in easy stock market transactions. Other benefits of using the platform are:

  • Low rates.
  • The platform is safe and secure.
  • Has Global investment opportunities
  • ETFs can be bought without the fee for a month.
  • Good variety of stock exchange.

Degiro has effectively amalgamated efficiency and economy of scale. The award-winning trading platform harbors the clients’ needs effectively and is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms.

The platform is innovative and has, till now, around 100,000 users who are ardently supporting it. Degiro is the recipient of 66 awards internationally, including Best Discount Broker and Best Broker For Stock Trading, both in 2020.

Apart from that, it is the platform’s unique capability to make it the Best Online Broker for four years in a row. All this together makes Degiro best for ex-pats when opting for investing app platforms in Germany.

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