The best apps to learn German

Expats and foreigners often encounter hurdles for not understanding the aboriginal dialect of a region. If you have shifted to Germany or thinking about spending few years here, no matter what, you must know German for a better experience. Where attending regular classes seems difficult, you can take advantage of the technology to learn German online. Worry not! Here, we are providing a brief description of the best apps to learn German online. So, without any more delay, let’s get started.

List of apps to learn German fast and correctly

All these apps and learning platforms offer different rates and options for different prices (some apps are for free!). Comparing the specifications of each app can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which platform offers the best deals or the best options? We have listed the the best platforms to learn German below while using the following criteria:

German learning app
      Free courses available
      English speaking customer service
      Visual learning options
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts
      Auditory learning options
      Free app features
      Easy UX for beginners

The best apps to learn German


Babbel logo

One of the best apps to learn German with great lessons designed by over 100 linguistist. Offers interactive dialogues that helps you with speaking confidently. Lessons are packed into 10-15 minutes.Beginner friendly

      Great customer reviews
      App is available for all devices
      10 million subscriptions sold
      Best rates
      Real life conversations


dueloingo logo

The basic version of this app does not charge any money and is exceptionally user-friendly. DuoLingo is designed in such a way that provides users the best learning experience ever. With DuoLingo, you can learn German in a fun way like no other apps. It is beginner-friendly as well.

      English website
      Free basic version
      4.8 starts ratings from customers
      English speaking customer service


Pimsleur logo

If you want to get your hand in a decent quality audio application, Pimsleur tends to bea viable option for you. With Pimsleur, you can attend 30 minutes audio classes in one go. The 5 levels German course of Pimsleur is beneficial to improve your German vocabulary and grammar.

      English website
      Great quality audio application
      Mostly audio focussed
      English speaking customer service


Memrise logo

Memrise is extremely mobile-friendly and user-oriented. With this app, you can customize German courses according to your choice. Whether you know German or have zero knowledge about the language, Memrise would never disappoint you. With a diverse range of grammar, vocabulary, German videos, and fun games, this app promises to benefit all ex-pats and foreigners to teach German within few months.

      Customizable courses
      Different learning methods available
      Diverse offering of courses

Why studying German is important

As an expat and foreigner, it is necessary to understand the language of that place where you are supposed to spend the upcoming years. From understanding the local language to earn money, understanding German is an essential requirement if you live here. Therefore, we are giving few reasons behind one should know German.

  • Germany is the 2nd biggest exporter in the world.
  • The German economizing is in fourth place in a worldwide comparison.
  • Several international associations are situated here.
  • This country contains many native users, more than French, British, and English speakers.
  • Not all German knows English. For them, German is the only language.
  • German and English are quite identical. So, it does need too much time to learn, especially for those who have a profound In the world of science, German gets used quite often than another language.
  • More than 17% of books get jotted down in German. Unfortunately, most of them do not come with an English translation.
  • This country is the home of renowned universities and educational institutions.

These are some reasons why learning German demands importance, particularly for those who have just shifted to Germany. However, even if you are not a resident of Germany, there is no excuse for not knowing German.

How long does it take to learn German?

Memorizing German seems quite difficult for those who do not reside in the European states. However, German has some resemblances with English; it is not that susceptible to learn.

We cannot promise you the exact time you require to acquire German. It completely relies on your curiosity in learning, your remembrance power, your consistency, etc. Whether you are joining live German classes or video lectures on online applications, all you need is to be consistent.

Commence from the beginning and make slow but constant movements. Practice is the key to success in the learning field. So, read, process, and revise to learn German faster.

How you can improve faster than your colleagues

  • Find out why and how significant German is for you
  • Start from the easy parts
  • Communicate with German residents daily
  • Practice everyday
  • Use language hacks