Car leasing in Germany

Car leasing in Germany

The decision to buy or lease a car is a time-consuming one. Getting into the German way of getting the car can be challenging, especially if you are an expat. Now that you have decided to lease a car, it is time for you to jump into the details and explore the pros and cons of the system. With knowing the details, leasing a car will be a seamless affair for you. From compact hatchbacks to luxury cars, you can choose any vehicle to drive home with. Keep reading to know how you can.

List of car leasing companies in Germany

All these car loan companies offer different rates and options for different prices. Comparing the specifications of each provider can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which provider offers the best deals or the best options? We have listed the most reliable car leasing companies below while using the following criteria:

car leasing in Germany
      English speaking customer service
      Good condition cars
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts

Car Lease Platform


Leasing deal logo

Offers private and commercial customers the first fully digitalized leasing process for vehicle leasing. Cars from over 20 manufacturers (including VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche) can be leased directly from their websites. Unfortunately, no English website.

      Comparison portal for leasing deals
      Without a down payment
      Without residual value risk
      Best rates
      Germany wide-deal network
      ✘  No English website


sixt max logo

SIXT is Germany’s largest car rental company and has been active since 1912. They specialize in short term leases and rentals. They offer clear terms for non-German speakers.

      English website
      Germany wide-deal network
      Great rates 
      Personal and competent advice


Luxury leasing logo

Luxury leasing is a platform that offers different exclusive car brands at a good rate. They specialize in BMW’s and other exclusive cars.

      Exclusive car leasing
      Germany wide-deal network
      Great rates 
      Personal and competent advice


Europ car logo

Europcar offers a wide range of rental cars from leading car manufacturers. Choose between small cars, automatic transmissions, environmentally friendly drive technologies or even luxury cars – whatever fits your appetite.

      English website
      Clear contracts
      Flexible leasing possible
      English speaking customer service

Primary aspects of leasing a car in Germany

The lease contract involves the expat paying a deposit in the form of a down payment. Furthermore, you can sign a leasing contract, for the tenure of 36 months, at the end of which you are exposed to two options.

You pay the residual value which is remaining. This is usually agreed upon during the lease term while signing the contract. Irrespective of the kilometres you have driven, this tends to be a fixed sum depending on the amount stated in the contract. This is also when the contract terminates, and you are the owner of the car.

Secondly, you hand the keys over to the lease company once the period ends. Once you pay the additional costs, you are off from the contract. This is also when you are free to lease any other car whenever you feel like it. You must consider the additional charges levied at the end of the period.

Such charges include the following:

  • Any visible changes caused to the interior of the bodywork
  • Any additional kilometers driven, apart from the one stated.

Essential documents to lease a car in Germany

One of the most significant benefits of leasing a car through an authorized dealer is the help received with paperwork, financing, and the registration process. Similarly, you can also attain similar benefits while working with an online broker.

Here are a few documents that you will need:

  • A passport
  • Residence permit
  • Work contract from your organization
  • Proof of financial resources
  • A valid driver’s license of Germany
  • eVB

On the other hand, while buying a car from a private seller, you need to ensure that you have the agreement of purchase. You can download suitable templates online and get the written contract to protect yourself.

Is leasing a car a wise choice to make?

Leasing a car is considered to be somewhere in between renting it and financing it. When you buy a car with the help of finance from the dealership directly, you need to pay the residual value off at the end of the tenure while the car is yours. Leasing in Germany, however, is like a halfway house, where it is yours still you are not the owner.

Where should I lease my car from?

There are a large number of authorized online brokers, allowing you to choose your preferred car from a wide array of options. If you want used cars, you can resort to a private seller, smaller used-car dealers, along with an auto flea market. Although there might be a bargain associated here, however, you can always pay it later for any unexpected problems caused.

This is the sole reason why it is largely recommended to get in touch with a well-known online car broker or a reputed auto store. The dealer usually offers good advice along with the opportunity for having a test drive. It might also include periodical servicing of the car; however, it mostly depends on the broker company, the type of car, and the brand. You are offered a 12-month warranty on used cars.

However, if you wish to buy a used car, make sure to get in touch with Scwackeliste, the holy bible of the German version of the Kelly Blue Book. A good alternative between the used and new is the Jahreswagen, a low mileage car with a year old.

Now that you know the opportunities that leasing offers, you surely want to make the most of it! However, do not forget to visit a reliable company to offer you the deals that you have been looking for. This will help you drive home the right car and keep you secured throughout the tenure of the agreement. Do not forget to discuss the terms and agreement before signing off the deal.

FAQ about car leasing in Germany

There are varied types of budgets available to suit the needs and requirements of all, which start from 125 Pounds a month and go up to 2000 Pounds a month. The pricing usually tends to vary according to the types of car you choose. Additionally, there are exclusive offers and deals available from time to time, which you can make most of.

Yes, it is offered along with the insurance that offers full coverage, including damage protection, accident management, maintenance, and more. Hence, you are totally secured whenever something goes wrong.

Leasing a car means that you have the car to yourself, without the expense of buying it. The leading brings you the experience of a new car, however, for a specified period of time. It is a simple process, where you need to choose a car, figure the annual mileage and agree upon the length of the contract along with initial payment.