Investing tips for expats in Germany

Investing for expats in Germany

Investment apps in Germany offer a wide variety of choices. Most of the German investment apps in English provide the liberty to know about legal matters in depth. There are a couple trading / investing apps or platforms available in Germany, out of which DEGIRO, Trade Republic, Oskar, and Peaks are popular.



Peaks logo

Perfect platform for first-time investors. Enable round-ups and automatically save money to invest in ETFs.

      ETF’s only
      Round-up feature
      Start with 1 euro
      Clear contracts
      ✘  No individual stocks


Etoro logo

Platform that enables you to invest and trade in different stocks and ETFs. Knowledge of investing is needed. If you arleady have some knowledge they offer great solutions with their social trading options.

      English platform (downside is German onboarding).
      Free ETF saving plan
      Great reviews
      Low cost broker service
      ✘  Onboarding is in German



Largest platform. Offers stock transactions at record costs and a DEGIRO has commission-free ETFs. Investing involves risk of loss.

      ETFs and idividual stock
      Award wining stock broker
      Comprehensive and easy to use platform
      Low costs


Scalable logo

Enables you to manage your investments cost effective in ETF portolio’s and small amounts. Crypto and other assets available.

      English platform.
      Wide range of investment options (CDF’s/Shares/ETFs)
      Good for experienced investors
      ✘  Hard to understand for new investors


buxzero logo

Invest commission-free in shares, crypto and ETFs – App only.

      ETFs Crypt and shares available
      Great reviews
      Relatively low cost
      ✘  Payment for order flow

These trading apps all offer different options and packages which can vary in price. Comparing all trading apps can be time-consuming. We have listed the most reliable trading apps below.

Investing always involves risks. Know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.

The best trading apps in the Germany

Stock trading apps are considered an excellent choice for investing money. But if you want to find the best investment apps in Germany, a little research is required. Therefore, when looking for options for investment apps in the Germany compare and pay attention to the reputation, price, and quality they offer. You can also consult your friends or colleagues who use investment apps in Germany. We have selected the investment apps that offer clear contracts to non-German speakers below.


Degiro is an online brokerage service that started in the Netherlands. Since then, the immense popularity of the app has expanded across 18 countries. There are many reasons why the app holds a numero uno position among users. First of all, it has global access that means once you have registered yourself on the app, you can access it anywhere, everywhere.

Secondly, the app is available in many languages, including English. This helps people to understand and use the app better. Apart from that, what helps is:

  • Degiro has low fees.
  • It has a regulated brokerage service.
  • The structure is secure, which makes it safe and reliable.

Unlike other apps Peak and Oskar, Degiro is a universal stock trading platform. While Peak is the app only and Oskar is an ETF only, Degiro is available in both app and web service. This is why the platform has won many awards, including the best low-cost stockbroker and best online broker both in 2017 and 2019.


If you are looking for a platform to invest your spare charge, then your search ends here. Peaks are one of the most trusted online sites in Germany, which offers help in investing from euro 1.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. It also allows users the freedom and liberty to use and keep a tab on their investment with sustainable index funds. As Peaks is an app-only platform, users find it much more convenient to use.

The app also charges little interest, and the money invested is managed through Derdengelden peaks, a foundation that ensures and provides you access to the money anytime and every time. Furthermore, the app is available in four countries and provides four types of portfolios, starting from Mild, Spicy, Hot, and Flaming.

The app has also secured 4.5 stars ratings on both the play store and Apple Store and offers the first three months of free investment.

Stocks and investments are two things that involve risks. Know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money. Therefore, whenever choosing a platform, go for the options mentioned above, and you will get a substantial amount of help at every step.

FAQ about stock trading platforms in Germany

Many people around the world think that it is not easy to start investing in Germany, but that is not the case. Online trading Germany has opened up pathways for one and all. Take, for instance, the investment apps. There are around three apps which most of the ex-pats and locals use. They are Degiro, Oskar, and Peaks.

Due to their popularity today, these apps are now considered the best android investment apps. Apart from these, there are other investment options available too. Flatex, for example, is offering free stock trading for around 6 months for beginners. With the help of a Flatex account, you will be easily trading stocks in Tradegate and Land and Schwarz. But before you make a significant leap, it is essential to check for all the parameters available.

Just think for a second if you want to trade stocks or invest in ETFs. The different investing apps android will provide all the solutions possible. One of the prime benefits of using the best investment apps for beginners is that you will learn the trade fast.

Another major thing to take into notice is what the investing game app offers. For example, if you choose the Degiro app, you benefit from using both premium and free accounts. When you opt for Robo investing app, this is why when you opt for the ones that are recognized and used by the public. Irrespective of whether you choose the iPhone investment app or Spare change investment apps, the high-quality ones will always help you in every step of the whole investment process.

If we talk about the most used ETF investment company in Germany, it is none other than Degiro. The online brokerage service provider is based out of the Netherlands and first started its service there. Today the services have expanded over to 18 countries across Europe.

In our opinion, it is the best broker because it offers stock transactions at record costs and a DEGIRO has commission-free ETFs (conditions apply) One of the prime differences in what Degiro offers is the competitive commission structure. Degiro is available in both ETF and App, which helps users in easy stock market transactions. Other benefits of using the platform are:

  • Low rates.
  • The platform is safe and secure.
  • Has Global investment opportunities
  • ETFs can be bought without the fee for a month.
  • Good variety of stock exchange.

Degiro has effectively amalgamated efficiency and economy of scale. The award-winning trading platform harbors the clients’ needs effectively and is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms.

The platform is innovative and has, till now, around 100,000 users who are ardently supporting it. Degiro is the recipient of 66 awards internationally, including Best Discount Broker and Best Broker For Stock Trading, both in 2020.

Apart from that, it is the platform’s unique capability to make it the Best Online Broker for four years in a row. All this together makes Degiro best for ex-pats when opting for investing app platforms in Germany.

Today the trading system has seen a lot of change. This is because of the arrival of new technologies. There are many paid and free apps which have made investments easy and secure.

However, to find the best apps in Germany, you have to compare the different ETF and stock trading platforms in detail. Compare the different factors, which include price, ease of usage, and trading transparency.

There are more than one step to open a trading account in Germany. They are:

  • First, settle for an excellent app like Degiro or Peaks, depending on your investment and requirement.
  • Then, open an investment account, which usually takes a few days.
  • Once the account is open, you can start uploading money via Debit Card or Paypal.
  • Start searching for the best stock you want to invest in and then buy the stock.
  • Once everything is done, it is time to regularly monitor the investment. This will help you keep a note of the inflation in the market.