There are more than 11 third party liability insurance companies in Germany. The most important ones are:

  • Axa – Get flexible and secure private liability insurance to cover all the unintentional damages caused to any third party.

    What they offer:
    – Basic protection up to € 5 million
    – Well insured up to € 30 million
    – Top protection up to € 60 million
    – Facility of daily termination
    – Convenience of managing contracts online

    Keep yourself secure with AXA inexpensive private liability.

  • Cosmosdirekt – This is the most popular liability insurance company in Germany for expatriates. The company ranks higher among expats because of the availability of contracts in languages ​​such as English, Germany, etc.

    What they offer:
    – Pay claims for damages
    – Reject unjustified claims for you
    – Pay up to 3 years worldwide

  • Tarifcheck – Pay for damage caused to any third party with Tarifcheck liability insurance that can be done in minutes from your home.

    What they offer:
    – Insurance at as little as € 3.60 every month
    – Flexibility of getting insured from the comfort of your home
    – Insurance cover that is suitable for everyone

  • Hansemerkur – Get coverage for property damage and personal injury with Hansemerkur liability insurance. The company provides defense against all unjustified claims.

    What they offer:
    – High coverage amounts
    – Personal advice
    – Fast processing for claim notification
    – Affordable liability insurance

  • Hansemerkur – The company provides liability insurance against all the unintentional or damages caused negligently.

    What they offer:
    – Insurance up to € 20 million
    – Round the cloud protection
    – Basic protection
    – Maximum insurance in professional tariff

    Of course, there are many other liability insurance providers on the market, but Cosmodirekt offers innovative insurance services, especially for young people. You can get your insurance policy directly online in minutes and without any documents.