There are more than 11 car insurance companies in Germany. The most important ones and cheap car insurance are:

  • Axa – You will get a simple, cheap, and flexible car insurance here. The company also provides you mobility guarantee. When you get full or partial comprehensive coverage, you will also get a free letter of protection with a mobility guarantee. This is the most recommended cheap car insurance in Germany as it also provides you the convenience of managing your car insurance online. The company also has won many awards for its best services.

    What they offer:
    – Mobility guarantee
    – Free protection letter
    – Online services for car insurance
    – Expand your protection as per your requirement

  • Cosmosdirekt – This company provides the best policy for anyone who is the owner of their car and loves it. You will get 40% cheaper insurance here and also get discount protection up to three damages.

    What they offer:
    – Motor Liability Insurance that covers the damage you cause to other person’s property on the road
    – Partial coverage to cover damages caused to your vehicle
    – Full comprehensive services
    – Additional services as per your necessity

  • Allianz – Powerful and affordable car insurance from Allianz is also one of the best policy for your car. This service regulates 99% of the claims within 5 days. The contracts contain no hidden costs.

    What they offer:
    – Saves your price with the best performance
    – Higher customer satisfaction
    – Insurance at a cheaper price
    – No compromise on performance

  • Hansemerkur – Get secure and flexible car insurance and enjoy the stressfree journey with HanseMerkur car insurance policies.

    What they offer:
    – Price compensation till a period of 36 months
    – Consequential damage cover
    – Partial coverage services
    – Fully comprehensive services
    – Optional benefits

  • Tarifcheck – With Tarifcheck, you can compare more than 300 tariffs and find the cheapest one in a few minutes.
    What they offer:
    – Insurance for motor vehicle liability
    – Comprehensive vehicle insurance
    – Discount protection