There are more than 24 prepaid credit cards in Germany. Among all the available choices, Mastercard and Visa cards are the most recommended ones.

  • N26 prepaid cards: The smart and digital Mastercard helps you stay on top by flexibly and effortlessly managing your finances. You can open your N26 account within minutes by confirming your email address. Download the app, verify your identity, and this brings you your N26 prepaid card.
  • Mastercard prepaid cards: Get full control of your finances with Mastercard prepaid cards. It is an ideal solution for traveling on a budget. Charge it up, and you are ready to access the modern and secure means of payment. Mastercard does issue credit cards on their own. You need to contact the credit institutions that are listed on their website or can also contact your bank.
  • DKB Visa card: You will get a free credit card for a contactless function that offers you secure payments worldwide. With DKB Visa card, you can also withdraw cash from any of the ATM’s all through the world without getting charged.
  • American Express credit cards: There is a wide range of credit cards offered by American Express. All these cards come with numerous rewards and benefits. To enjoy these benefits, you can apply online. Once the application is approved, enjoy the journey that is full of rewards.