There are more than 20 mobile providers in Germany. The best of them are:

  • O2online – It is of the biggest and popular mobile operator in Germany. The company offers you the choice to configure your phone and mobile contract as per your requirement. You can select your term, data volume, and down payment.

  • Sim24 – Get data volume, attractive promotions, and free shipping with Sim24. The monthly plans with Nat. data, voice, and SMS are available with a minimum contract period of 24 months. You will get 8GB data in the XL plan at €19.99. 4GB data at €16.99 is available in the L plan and 6GB data in the Young plan at €19.99.

  • 1und1 – Select 1und1 mobile operator to enjoy impressive mobile network quality, fast mobile internet, and get excellent deals. With 1und1, you also get the flexibility of selecting your desired mobile phone. The LTEmax and E-network plans are available at €9.99, €14.99, and €19.99 per month and D-Netz plans are at €19.99, €24.99, €29.99, and €34.99 per month. You can subscribe to these plans without opting for a cell phone or can select your preferred mobile phone with the plan.

  • Telekom – Connect with your friends and family with 5G tariffs at various locations. The different plans are available at €39.95, €49.95, 59.95, and €84.95 at a contract period of 24 months. All these plans also include EU roaming. Prepaid tariffs are at €2.95, €9.95, €14.95, and €24.95. Young tariffs are available at €19.95, €29.95, €39.95, and €64.95.