There are more than 11 banks in Germany. The most important ones :

  • N26 – It is the best and most recommended bank for you in Germany. Opening a free account here allows you to avail all the facilities provided by the bank. You can open the account in minutes from your smartphone. From savings to spendings and keeping track of all your transactions, all can be done with the help of a single Spaces app.
  • DKB – Open a free account and get a credit card that lets you make cashless transactions and lead a stable life. The bank helps you to build your wealth, as it allows you to make free payments worldwide. So going on vacations and travel can prove budget-friendly to you. You can even get a better insight into your spendings by viewing your credit card and bank statements online.
  • Postbank – From opening your checking account to applying for credit, discover securities, and planning mortgage lending, the bank provides you all. You also get a phone banking facility and a sign-up bonus.
  • Netbank – Open a current account to live a stable life and enjoy the best account management. The bank provides you a Mastercard that helps you withdraw money and make cashless payments. With the Netbank’s SMS service, you stay informed about your balance.
  • Commerzbank – The bank has a noticeable presence in Europe and has a wide range of financial products. From current accounts to business and mortgage financing solution, Commerzbank makes you available with the right products to let you manage your money easily