Among all the internet providers in Germany, o2 is the best. The company offers you 20GB data and Allnet Flat at a very nominal price of €19.99 per month. It helps you secure €15 every month.

With o2 DSL, you can enjoy surfing the internet at high speed of up to 250 Mbps.

o2 data plans are as following:

  • my Home XL – Download speed 250Mbit/s and upload 40Mbit/s at €34.99
  • my Home L – Download speed 100Mbit/s and upload 40Mbit/s at €24.99
  • my Home M – Download speed 50Mbit/s and upload 10Mbit/s at €19.99
  • my Home S – Download speed 10Mbit/s and upload 2.4Mbit/s at €14.99