Car insurance in Germany

While living in Germany, becoming the owner of a car is your best decision. From going to the office to exploring this beautiful country, your car will make your life easier.

But German’s are very strict about insurance. Before registering your vehicle, having a third party liability coverage is necessary. This is vital to cover any injury or damage to another car, property, or driver.

List of car insurers in Germany

All these car insurance companies offer different premiums and different coverage. Comparing the specifications of each car insurance can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which insurer offers the best deals to non-German speakers? We have listed the most reliable insurance companies in Germany below while using the following criteria:

car which needs to be insured
      English speaking customer service
      Best Insurance/price
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts
      Different options available
Internet provider


Axa insurance logo

Large car insurance company. Relatevily cheap. Great customer service – 24/7 customer service

      Complete and manage online
      Flexible and individual insurance
      Very cheap
      Brick and mortar locations
      English speaking customer service


cosmos direct logo

Award winning car insurance company. Discount if you have 3 damage free years

      Discount protection : 3 damage free
      Most popular motor insurer
      Great price-performance ratio and service
      ✘  No English website


Allianz logo

Large insurance company – Free assistance after damage at home and abroad

      Large insurance company
      Relatively Low Fees
      No hidden costs in the contract
      ✘  Customer reviews are not that positive
      ✘  No English website


Admiral logo

Multiple award-winning car insurance – great benefits and service

      Relatively new insurance company
      Low cost
      3 easy packages
      ✘  No English website

The best car insurance in Germany

AXA is one of the best car insurance companies in Germany for expats since it offers comprehensive coverage with high flexibility. With AXA’s service, you will get the right car insurance at low premiums.

Advantages of AXA car insurance

  • Mobility guarantee during any accident or breakage
  • Free protection letter
  • Online facility for better management of car insurance
  • Flexible product range for tailoring it as per your requirements
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Partial Comprehensive insurance
  • Full Comprehensive insurance

Axa also gives you the facility to expand your protection as per your requirements.

The car insurance premium

The price of German car insurance depends on the number of factors like:

  • Your driving experience
  • Driving distance
  • Model of your car
  • The time that you have spent driving without any accident

To select the best car insurance in Germany, you need to compare and consider all the factors discussed above. You can compare and then select the best car insurance in Germany with a car insurance calculator.

German car insurance options

While selecting the best German car insurance, you will come across different insurance options. Make a German car insurance comparison, and then choose the one that suits your requirements. To make it easy for you, we are listing here the different types of car assurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance with Collision Coverage (Vollkasko)
It covers third party costs, fire, theft, and any natural calamity like flood or storm destroys your car. If you damage your car because of your fault, then also this insurance covers all the costs. The price associated with Vollkasko is comparatively high. But when you need to repair any damages, you will pay less from your pocket, if you have this best car insurance for expats in Germany.

If you are buying the car through a dealership and on finance, then taking this type of German car insurance is vital.

Comprehensive Insurance with Partial Coverage (Teilkasko)
It covers third-party damage, and partial coverage for you if there is any accidental damage like fire, theft, etc. But Teilkasko does not cover vandalism costs.

Third-party coverage (Haftpflicht)
You will find that this type of insurance is the minimum requirement for getting your car registered while making German car insurance comparisons. It covers all the damage that your car cause to the other party’s property or car. It also covers medical bills, but the damage to your car is not included in this coverage.

Breakdown insurance (Schutzbriefversicherung)
When your car is towed because of an accident or breakdown, this insurance covers all the costs. Some also provide a rental car for your convenience for the time in which your car is getting repaired.
Make a detailed car insurance comparison in Germany and select the best for yourself after considering all the parameters.

Tips and tricks

If you wish to switch your car insurance, it is much easier than you are thinking. While deciding to switch your car insurance, step back, and think for a while, ensure that you are selecting the right insurance provider. Here are some of the tips that assist you in switching the car insurance company:

  • Compare different car insurance policies to look for the right coverage for yourself.
  • Check whether switching insurance company saves you more, or is it better to renew your policy with the current provider.
  • Switch insurance at the right time and avoid any cancellation charges.
  • Before switching the policy, it is better to keep your old company informed that you do not wish to renew the policy.
  • Start with the new policy, the same day when your previous policy ends.

Once you have selected the provider and taken the policy, you will be given an eVB number by the provider. You usually get your eVB number (Elektronische Verischerungsbestätigung) via email.

This eVB number is required with the vehicle tax form and TÜV certificate when you are ready to register your car. Now you understand the importance of car insurance policy in Germany. So make your decision wisely.

FAQ about car insurers in Germany

There are more than 11 car insurance companies in Germany. The most important ones and cheap car insurance are:

  • Axa – You will get a simple, cheap, and flexible car insurance here. The company also provides you mobility guarantee. When you get full or partial comprehensive coverage, you will also get a free letter of protection with a mobility guarantee. This is the most recommended cheap car insurance in Germany as it also provides you the convenience of managing your car insurance online. The company also has won many awards for its best services.

    What they offer:
    – Mobility guarantee
    – Free protection letter
    – Online services for car insurance
    – Expand your protection as per your requirement

  • Cosmosdirekt – This company provides the best policy for anyone who is the owner of their car and loves it. You will get 40% cheaper insurance here and also get discount protection up to three damages.

    What they offer:
    – Motor Liability Insurance that covers the damage you cause to other person’s property on the road
    – Partial coverage to cover damages caused to your vehicle
    – Full comprehensive services
    – Additional services as per your necessity

  • Allianz – Powerful and affordable car insurance from Allianz is also one of the best policy for your car. This service regulates 99% of the claims within 5 days. The contracts contain no hidden costs.

    What they offer:
    – Saves your price with the best performance
    – Higher customer satisfaction
    – Insurance at a cheaper price
    – No compromise on performance

  • Hansemerkur – Get secure and flexible car insurance and enjoy the stressfree journey with HanseMerkur car insurance policies.

    What they offer:
    – Price compensation till a period of 36 months
    – Consequential damage cover
    – Partial coverage services
    – Fully comprehensive services
    – Optional benefits

  • Tarifcheck – With Tarifcheck, you can compare more than 300 tariffs and find the cheapest one in a few minutes.
    What they offer:
    – Insurance for motor vehicle liability
    – Comprehensive vehicle insurance
    – Discount protection

When you are searching for the best car insurance, compare the insurance policies from different providers. Pay attention to how many Kms you drive and which car model you have. Also, consider your driving experience and how much time you have spent driving without any single accident.

After considering all the factors and comparing premiums of different providers, select the one that best fits your requirements. Search, talk to your friends, and then decide what type of policy you want. Whether you want only the minimum required insurance policy to fulfill the legal rules of Germany or you want an added security for uncertain events.

When you are in Germany and looking for car insurance, then you need to be present with the following documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Receipt or bill of car purchase
  • Banks detail if you are paying direct debit